The Real Reason Saudi Arabia Will Not Take in Migrants

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Saudi Arabia

I have heard this asked over and over – Why are migrant Muslims not being taken into Saudi Arabia?  I’ve wondered about it too, and it has angered me. One would think that Muslim “refugees” would be so much happier going to a country where the culture is familiar to them.

But then I read an article which explains why this is happening.  This angered me even more, as I’m sure it will anger you.


“Thousands of Middle Eastern migrants have swarmed into Europe, and Saudi Arabia is now finally offering to help.

No, the Gulf state isn’t offering to take in any of the so-called refugees. The Saudis are offering something much nicer to the European states having to deal with the migrant surge — paying for the construction of 200 mosques in Germany.

To any sane person, this overture would come across as…

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