Perspicuity: Law and Gospel (Vermigli)

The Reformed Reader

The perspicuity of Scripture is a Reformation way to say that God’s Word is clear when it comes to the main points of the Christian faith and salvation. Peter Vermigil put it this way: “In such things as are incident to salvation, the scriptures want [lack] no plainness nor perspicuity” (see also WCF 1.7). One of the clear teachings of Scripture has to do with the law and the gospel. In Vermigli’s words,

“Whatsoever is contained in the holy scriptures should be referred to these two chief points; I mean the law and the gospel. For everywhere, either God’s commandments to live well are set forth unto us; or else when we are found to swerve from them either of weakness, or of some certain maliciousness, the gospel is shewed, whereby through Christ we are pardoned of our trespasses, and are promised the power and strength of the Holy Spirit…

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