Proof Hillsong DID turn Silent Night to Whorey Night

Since Hillsong have set their raunchy Silent Night video clip to ‘private’, we’ve heard some weird arguments suggesting that critics have taken a secular version of Silent Night and decided to smear Hillsong Church with it.

This is not true. If you go to the Hillsong Church London FaceBook page, you can see them advertise their Hillsong Carols 2015 event. In this video, you will see them take snippets of their previous carols, including snippets from their raunchy ‘Silent Night’ video:

Hillsong Carols at the SSE Arena, Wembley, is a night that is focused on and celebrating what Christmas really is about: JESUS!

Definitely one to share with your friends & family!

Get your tickets now at

Source: Hillsong Church London, Hillsong Carols 2015, FaceBook,, Published 10/11/2015. (Accessed 18/12/2015.)

[Click to download video]


The above Hillsong Carols 2015 trailer can also be seen on the Hillsong website:


Source:, Accessed 18/12/2015/.

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