Give Them All the Grace

Unfathomable Grace

In my own readings, I have been going back and forth between the “Grace Boys” and the “Law Boys.” Both groups are greatly concerned over the church’s errant teachings of that DEMANDED or COMPELLED by God’s free gift of love, mercy, and grace.

For the most part, these two camps agree in their soteriology. Their roots are all planted deeply in the Westminster Confession of Faith and other evangelical presentations of doctrine.

However, takento extremes, radicals in the first group might promote “cheap grace,” while extremests in the other camp might encourage “cooperating grace.” The first group, in their error, might present grace without any demands or compulsions. The second group might push the ideas of performance, demand, and compulsion too far. Immoderate “Grace Boys” might lean towards antinomian sloppiness and Rob Bell-like universalism. Unbalanced “Law Boys” might find themselves drifting toward a Roman Catholic, Federal Vision, Wesleyan, or legalistic…

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