From Selfish to Selfless

Unfathomable Grace

Lucifer is a selfish individual. He cares not about giving God the glory due his name. He cares not about the damage he has done to Adam, Eve, and their progeny. Satan winces not at the cursed condition of the planet. No, Lucifer only has eyes for himself. He is consumed with his own pleasure, power, and promotion.

Herod, as presented in Matthew 2*, is a selfish individual after the model of Satan. He too is consumed with his own kingdom. Without remorse he plots, lies, pretends to be religious, and commits mass murder in order to pursue his interests.

By nature, we are much like these two selfish leaders. We are not interested in submitting to God’s Law. We are not interested in becoming less so Christ can become greater. No, we wish to worship ourselves, and we demand others worship us as well. We have no desire to treat others better than ourselves, and when it comes to forgoing our own rights…

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