Blessed Poverty

Unfathomable Grace

The official ministry of Jesus has begun, and he is found on the mountain with his disciples. It is here that his famous discourse begins. Our version of his sermon begins with the following words:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.     (Matthew 5:3)

It is clear that Jesus is pronouncing a benediction; he offers for a blessing to certain people based upon a certain criteria. However, the question needs to be asked, “Whom is Jesus addressing and what is condition or or characteristic or criteria of those destined to receive his blessing?”

Option One: Some believe Jesus is addressing those who are poor in assets. Those who have scant assets are particularly favored by God. However, this interpretation is not to be preferred. Nowhere in Scripture does God pronounce spiritual blessing on all who are financially poor. Likewise, nowhere in Scripture does God pronounce…

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