Modern Reformation; Modern Revival

Unfathomable Grace

I grew up in a worldheavily influenced by the Reformation. How thankful I am for those early Reformedpastors, teachers, missionaries, and martyrs through whom Christ worked over 400 years ago. The ministries ofMartin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, Zacharius Ursinus, John Owen, and the Westminster Divines still bearsfruit today.

I grew up in a landheavily influenced by pilgrims, puritans, and revivalists. Sure, there was a great difference between the puritans and pilgrims. In addition, there was an even greater difference between the practitioners of the First and SecondGreat Awakenings. America was shaped by independents and presbyterians;Calvinism was not equally beloved by all.Some preferred ministry in city-centers and church pews, othersutilized tents and hit the sawdust trail.However, despite their distinctions, differences, and depravity, God used thesemen, their practices, and their institutions to affect millions of people.Through their labors,thousands offamilies called Christ their Lord, repented of their sins, andendeavored to…

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