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7 Coping Skills to Use in the Face of Passive Aggression

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Passive Aggressive (10)Learn how to side-step their toxic behavior and save your sanity.

Is someone’s passive-aggressive behavior driving you crazy? You feel the energetic hit of his or her toxic behavior, but then you question yourself. The receiving end of passive-aggressive behavior leaves you with a yucky feeling of just being sucker-punched, but because it’s subtle, it’s hard to know what’s actually happening. It’s like a nightmare where you try to run away but all you find are cul-de-sacs with no escape.

Passive-aggressive behavior is covert—stealthy even. It’s sneaky and causes you to question everything you do because you know everything is going to end up being your fault anyway. Passive-aggressive relationships are crazy-making and infuriating. Navigating them can be very difficult.

Passive-aggressive people drive otherwise rational folks around the bend. Those who exhibit such behavior completely lack insight into their own actions, often believing it is they who are wronged or…

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