Eugenics: Do You Think That This Ended With Hitler? Think Again

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


Medical technology can be a wonderful thing. It has given the world hope when their joints have worn out. We have seen organ replacement surgeries which significantly prolong a person’s life.

But, as with anything else in this fallen world, technology can and is being used in nefarious ways.  In my research, I’ve discovered plans to use medical technology in ways which sound like something from a science fiction novel. I wish that it was “fiction” but it’s real.  I have written articles on the United Nations and their 2030  and Agenda 21 Initiatives for a “perfect world.”  One of the criteria which is not openly discussed is massive depopulation of the earth.

By mid 2016, the world’s population will reach 7.4 Billion.  The goal of the elites and of the U.N. is to substantially decrease the population. The magic number?  That would be 500 million.  Is that substantial enough…

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