Hillsong’s success secret: scrapping early years & scratching itching ears


Brian Houston’s “success secret” in building his Hillsong empire is not because of his faith in God, or his love for people. Rather, Brian Houston’s success rests solely on his paedophile father (Frank Houston) who founded CLC and then merged his mass ‘move of God’ into Brian Houston’s church before he was exposed for molesting children.

Frank-Brian_Hillsong_CLC_Royal Commission Do you think Hillsong will ever be honest with their history of “success”?

Face it – Hillsong’s success story is not a rags to riches story.

Brian Houston has deliberately lied to various media groups and the general public about his church’s past, omitting the facts of his father’s involvement with his early beginnings.

The reality is that Brian Houston’s success was founded on the fraudulent ministry of the paedophile Frank Houston. And it took the son of a paedophile to cover up his father’s crimes to merge their corporations to form the…

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