Dr Walter Martin speaking out on wolves & cults

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Before we launch into this article, the church of Jesus Christ owes a lot to this man, Walter Martin. The work he did would have come at a high price. And it’s his voice that has exposed the Jehovah Witness & Mormon cults and warned us ahead of time the dangerous teachers of the visible church that we are seeing now.

Walter Martin is famous for his works on exposing some of the most dangerous cults that came against Christianity in the 20th century. His work to this day has left a legacy in the field of Christian Apologetics.

Walter Martin More info @ www.waltermartin.com

His most famous work worldwide is his book ‘Kingdom of the Cults’, a book that should belong on every Christian’s bookshelf (Walter Martin would be turning in his grave to have Ravi Zacharias give the foreword).

For decades, Dr Walter Martin has called the church to deal with the wolves…

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