“#BroadwayFiances to become #HillsongHusbands?”

Hillsong informed Chris Rosebrough last year that Carl Lentz was counselling the #BroadwayFiances, Reed Kelly and Josh Canfield.

“Now when I covered the story earlier last week, I made it clear that I had heard through channels that Carl Lentz had said that they had addressed this and that the pastors of Hillsong were “privately counseling” the couple.” [Source]

Clearly Hillsong think they have done a “fantabulous” job with their private counselling sessions (whatever that means). And it’s great to know that Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston claims to be a traditional church and does not accept same-sex marriage…

Unless he’s lying again.

Now the #BroadwayFiances have some news to share with the world:

Josh Canfield announces,

Wanted to share this beautiful moment. I was so surprised because I wasn’t expecting a ring until our wedding. #wedding2016#broadwayfiances#survivorlove#tiffanyandco#gaynyc#loveislove#comitted@thereedkelly


Here is the video from the Instagram announcement:


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