Legalistic Sabbath Police

Unfathomable Grace

Jesus knew the Greatest Commandment. He understood perfectly how to love the Father with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

He also knew the Second Greatest Commandment extremely well. This rule of love was prescribed, memorized, taught, and modeled by him. He excelled in exemplifying the love for neighbor desired, expected, and demanded by the Holy God.

When it came to Sabbath observance, if anyone understood that which was required by the Fourth Commandment of God’s Moral Law, Jesus was that man. And there was no greater expert on Sabbath observance than the Son of God. He also mastered the Civil and Ceremonial attachments given by God through Moses to the Israelites. Six days he worshiped God by working, and on one special day each week he worshiped God by resting.

Contrary to the view of some, Jesus was not a law-breaker. No, he was a law-fulfiller who demanded his disciples do the same. At this…

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