The pagan teachings of Yonggi Cho

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Have you had difficulty explaining the dangers of David Yonggi Cho’s teachings to friends or family?

The teachings of David Yonggi Cho’s ‘Fourth Dimension’ has infected millions of churches around the world. Many church leaders are not aware how foreign these teachings on “faith” are from the historical Christian faith.


In this article, we have attempted to capture the complicated Fourth Dimension teachings of Yonggi Cho into a “simple” diagram. We hope this resource helps people discern the  blatant pagan mysticism in David Yonggi Cho’s “Laws of the Fourth Dimension” philosophy. (All quotes in this article are taken from Yonggi Cho’s book ‘The Fourth Dimension’ Volume 1, 1979.)


Keep in mind these beginning quotes from David Yonggi Cho and ask yourself throughout this article:

  1. Does he contradict himself?
  2. Does the “Holy Spirit” that gave him this fourth dimension revelation contradict the Holy Spirit that wrote the scripture?
  3. What specific scriptures do you think can refute some…

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3 thoughts on “The pagan teachings of Yonggi Cho

    1. Truth2Freedom Post author

      Wasn’t to familiar with him & his teachings until reading this. Way to much heresy & false teaching out in the world – can’t keep up 😥


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