Heartwarming article exposing Health & Wealth, Word of Faith gospel

ChurchWatch Central

Kate Bowler has written from the heart a powerful piece on her research and experience with the false Health & Wealth and Word of Faith gospels infecting not only her life.

03_Code-Yellow_HAW HAW heretics preach Christ teach Jesus Christ is rich, Christ died to make you rich, that you must tithe and “bless to be a blessing”.

06_Code-Indigo_WOF WOF heretics preach we are to align inner and external things to our lips and then to speak/claim things into existence. They teach that Jesus became sickness/satan on the cross/hell and was born again in hell so that we too can be born again to receive divine healing/fullness or divine bodies.

Bowler writes,

Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me

Durham, N.C. — ON a Thursday morning a few months ago, I got a call from my doctor’s assistant telling me that I have Stage 4 cancer. The stomach cramps I was suffering from were not caused by a faulty…

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