It is Finished! Scream it Loudly.

Unfathomable Grace

Before Jesus was hoisted on the cross, a great transaction was in progress. God had demanded holiness, righteousness, and obedience from men. Perfect law-keeping was his standard, and such worship was required for any to commune with the Holy God. However, there was none righteous, no not one. All sinned and transgressed the holy decrees of God. All proved to be converts and disciples of the devil. However, in undeserved love, Jesus came to earth as the God-appointed substitute for many. He lived a perfectly obedient life. He proved himself to be the perfect worshiper with whom the Father was well pleased. And as he walked on this earth, he earned one-hundred percent of the righteousness deserved, desired, and demanded by the Father. Jesus earned it all. He fulfilled the righteousness requirement. For anyone who would be married to him, there would be nothing left for them to pay.

Later, after Jesus was hoisted on the cross, a great…

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