Hillsong exposing their Chrislamic, Roman Catholic agenda

Don’t tell us that Hillsong worship Jesus. Don’t tell us that Hillsong are Christian.

The fact is this: Hillsong are Roman Catholic.

The truth is so plain to see when you watch the below video of Terry Crist explaining Hillsong’s role in their”worship music” and exposes an agenda behind the Hillsong’s annual musical conference in their attempt to unite Protestantism with the Roman Catholic Church.

Hillsong has picked their side and are deliberately working against Christianity, encouraging people to worship the god of Roman Catholicism. This is undeniable and is made perfectly clear if you choose to read all the resources and links available in this article.

07_Code-Purple_RCC The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) teaches that a Christian is not saved or justified before God by grace alone through faith alone through Christ alone. The magisterium of the RCC damns anyone to hell who believes this is the gospel. Salvation comes through the RCC.


The Roman Catholic Church (RCC)…

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