Consequences of Triangular Living: Part 2

Happy Living!

denialEveryone involved in triangular dynamics ends up hurt and angry; no-one wins. This creates misery and suffering no matter what our primary starting gate position may be. Efforts to avoid pain by blaming (Persecutor) or looking for someone to take care of us (Victim) only ends up generating greater pain in the end. When we try to shield others from the truth (Rescue), we discount their abilities and this creates more pain as well.

In Part 1, we considered three consequences of living on the Drama Triangle: lack of personal responsibility (blaming), painful beliefs, and painful feelings. Today, we will consider three more consequences: denial, dishonesty, and projection.


Anytime we deny our feelings, we set ourselves up for a Victim perspective. Feelings are real. They are “energy-in-motion.” When we discount or undermine our emotions, we end up overtaken by them, becoming impulsive reactors…

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