Disillusioned and Dying of Thirst

Unfathomable Grace

Many of us have experienced buyer’s remorse. We have felt a legitimate internal longing; there was something within us that needed resolution. We were dissatisfied and discontent. We then had something pitched to us — material or immaterial — that promised satisfaction, and after consideration we took the bait. We made the investment and for a brief time we were happy and satisfied; all seemed to be well. However, after the temptation, purchase and immediate rush of satisfaction, we found ourselves struggling even more with listlessness, loneliness, boredom, depression, or self-loathing. This was a crazy cycle, and after hundreds of times around the block, we found life almost not worth living. Thoughts of leaving this place more steadily entered our minds. We were miserable individuals, disillusioned and dying of thirst.

Friends, there has been an endless list of suiters promising satisfaction and contentment to us, and they have all promised much more than they could deliver. Here are some examples that…

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