Singapore warns Japan over Australian conman’s protege

We can safely say that C3 Church leadership (in Sydney, Australia) are incredibly unhappy with the way that Phil Pringle is still misleading his church into believing that Kong Hee is facing unfair persecution by Singaporean authorities. His deliberate silence on Kong Hee is obvious as he attempts to make sure that no one asks about it so he can “progress” his church.

Still Australian media turn a blind eye to Phil Pringle’s involvement in the Singapore scandal.

Recently, a Singaporean diplomat labeled Pringle’s protege as a “disgraceful compatriot” to warn their Japanese friends of Kong’s “criminal offence” of his “misuse of church funds.” His final warning?

“Do not be deceived.”

It’s funny how Jesus says “Do not be deceived” by false prophets in these last days.

By speaking out, Kausikan is demonstrating  love and compassion toward Japan. This man does not want his Japanese friends to be manipulated  by Kong Hee, a fraudulent man who uses Christianity for his…

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