Manipulative Ministers

Unfathomable Grace

In recent days, Jesus has shown his compassion, power, and glory. Lazarus has been healed of his disease and publicly raised from the grave. As a result, Mary and Martha have been healed of their doubt and unbelief; their faith has been improved. Meanwhile, the disciples who have been watching, they have grown in their amazement of the Son of God who brings men from death to life.

Jesus is back in Bethany, and it is time for men and women to glorify and enjoy the Lord. Jesus is in town; he is in the house; it is time to worship, fellowship, and celebrate. Mary and Martha are hosting a dinner for their beloved friend. They are thrilled to serve Jesus and then sit at his feet to hear his words of grace and wisdom. Lazarus and several other men are privileged to sit with Jesus and commune at the table. There is an air of reverential excitement and happiness in the room. There he is, the promised Messiah. There…

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