Confessions of a Sinful Leader

Unfathomable Grace

We have all been called to follow. Every individual is to worship Jesus Christ. He is the King of kings, Lord of lords, and Great Shepherd of the flock. He is the sovereign God who demands and deserves our unquestioned subservience.

Additionally, we have all been called to lead. All of us have been called by our Lord to influence and improve others. As a part of our calling, God gives us different offices, positions, and spheres. Some of us are called to lead governments, churches, businesses, and schools. Others are called to lead student-body organizations, civic clubs, home-owner associations, wives, children, grandchildren, younger siblings, sports teams, music ensembles, and peer groups. Yet, despite our varying personalities, skills, and positions, all of us have been called to influence, improve, and lead. We are all to spend spend ourselves making disciples. This is our great commission from our great leader.

As followers and leaders, we…

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