Jesus’ Work in Dull Disciples

Unfathomable Grace

Could we be wrongly reading the Bible? Regularly, could we be opening the pages of Scripture, filling our minds with God’s narratives, and coming away with wrong goals and conclusions? Could it be we are over-emphasizing the character and conduct of our Old Testament heroes? Are we guilty of misapplying what we read about Jesus and his New Covenant Apostles?

Friends, the Apostles are not necessarily men to emulate. They are not fellows who have reached a higher plateau in the Christian life. They have not reached “black belt status” on their way to saintliness. It is not to be assumed they are above average in their display of saintliness. No, just like all disciples of Jesus today, the Twelve are wishy-washy, temperamental, double-minded, sometimes faithful, oft times faithless, learners. They prove to be depraved, dull, disappointing, discouraged, and doubting disciples who consistently …

  • Question Jesus’ ministry plan
  • Keep the little children away
  • Wrestle with fear
  • Scheme and maneuver for the chief seats
  • Criticize the worship of women
  • Lack faith in the…

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