Opinion: Heads or Tails – Doesn’t Matter; Same Coin

As MIA has long believed (and written), America is a one party state with two wings (the Democrats and the Republicans) – which are controlled by the same powerful global socialist elite. This elite Establishment controls the nomination process and thus the nominees for both political parties, and these parties, though different on the surface and in their rhetoric, in reality follow the same global socialist script that is now rapidly taking America toward third world economic status, a dictatorship, and ultimately a world government (which Bush Sr. and Mikhail Gorbachev repeatedly called the New World Order).

Any thinking person should see that the rules, regulations, legislation, taxes, and wars are almost identical under both Republican Administrations (think Bushes Sr. and Jr.) and Democrat Administrations (think Clinton(s) or Obama). Regardless of which party is in power in the Congress or the White House, and regardless of the contrasting rhetoric, the policies and results are almost identical – and America continues moving toward socialism, globalism, and away from our Constitution, freedoms, and traditional values.

Note how the Neocons control the foreign policy (and wars) of both parties – of both the Bush and Obama Administrations. The same group of Establishment elites controls both parties, and is always moving America in the same direction – there is no difference. Our elections are political theater, staged to entertain the masses and convince them that they live in a real democracy – which they don’t! If the candidates of both parties are chosen by the Establishment, the Establishment cannot lose – they will always be in power….

Like the Reagan popular groundswell in 1980, the Establishment did not see the obnoxious real estate tycoon Donald Trump coming out of nowhere and overnight garnering a popular groundswell of support among millions of Americans who are sick of the lies, corruption, wars, and the job/income-killing socialism that the elite have been cramming down their throats. Trump’s message is simple: “The elite of both parties are corrupt; they are driving America into the ground, wrecking the country by opening the borders to tens of millions of illegals including millions of Muslims; they are Islamizing America, killing millions of jobs, getting us into needless wars that only they profit from, and reducing America to third world status – all while enriching themselves.”

(Excerpt from McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, April 2016)

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