Ted Cruz: It’s Not About You

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Anyone who reads my articles, knows that I was for Ted Cruz until it was obvious to all that he had no chance.  I loved the fact that he professed his love for the Lord.

Tonight I realized for the first time, that Ted Cruz was not about fixing America. He was not about preserving the Constitution. He was not about securing our border for safety for all Americans.  Tonight I realized that Ted Cruz was about Ted Cruz.

I thought that perhaps he would encourage America to vote for Donald Trump, because not voting for him was, in essence, a vote for Hillary Clinton. The ramifications of a Clinton win this November are so disturbing, it is really hard to fathom.  She will immediately place a Marxist/Socialist on the SCOTUS and tip the scales for the progressives.

Clinton will annihilate the 2nd Amendment and a major gun grab…

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2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: It’s Not About You


    This is a hard one. Trump in my opinion is not really a Conservative. Trump said strange and low stuff about this man’s wife and father. I find this a hard one to say Cruz should endorse Trump. Just my two cent.

    1. Truth2Freedom Post author

      I can understand & concur – however, he did take a pledge to support the nominee which he reneged on. I believe his dissing both Trump & the party will not bode well for his 2020 bid.


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