Hillary is Sick: Educate Yourself on Her VP Choice Tim Kaine

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


The word on the street is that Hillary Clinton is more sick than any of us know.  So her pick of a VP was not a quick decision on her part.  She had to choose someone who is aligned with her beliefs. She had to make sure that in case she must step down, that her globalist and pro-Islamist world view will be carried on and enforced.  That man is Tim Kaine, and choosing him was certainly calculated.  I will give you the facts about Kaine and hopefully you will connect the dots.

Should we have expected that Hillary Clinton would pick an all American – Patriotic, apple pie kinda guy to be her running mate?  Only if you have lived under a rock for the last 8 years; then you’d have an excuse to be so naive.

But you see, that’s the problem.  Most people who vote Democrat might…

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