God is for me, now who are you?

Unfathomable Grace

God has been for us! As the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit entered into their eternal Covenant of Redemption, we were foreordained to be the beneficiaries of their love. Our faces were on their minds, and our names were written in their book. Before we were, God was for us.

God has been for us! As soon as our first parents transgressed God’s Law and allied the entire human race with Lucifer, God showed up and promised Good News. Satan would win his battles, but God would win the war. How would this be? A special son was coming from heaven; he would turn the hearts of Adam’s children away from Satan and towards God. Ultimately, God would have his way, and we — a rescued people — would come forth from the devil’s clan to worship our Creator and Redeemer.

God has been for us! Several thousand years after pronouncing the Good News to Adam and Eve, Jesus came forth born…

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