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September 6, 2016 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


Sep. 6, 2016 |


Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative activist who opposed the feminist movement and campaigned against ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, died Monday Sept. 5, according to a statement from the Eagle Forum, a group she founded.

President Obama said San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand for the U.S. national anthem before games is both his constitutional right to exercise as well as a stinging symbol to military members and veterans.

President Obama scrapped a meeting with his Philippine counterpart, Rodrigo Duterte, in Laos after Duterte unleashed an expletive-laden warning against the U.S. interfering in a war on drugs that’s led to the deaths of thousands of suspects.

North Korea fired three ballistic missiles off its east coast Monday, South Korea’s military said, in a show of force timed to the G-20 economic summit in China.

The U.S. Air Force’s program to develop and field a new intercontinental ballistic missile to replace the aging Minuteman III in the nuclear arsenal is now projected to cost at least $85 billion, about 36 percent more than a preliminary estimate by the service.

Astronomers shared a collective sigh of relief last week when a 100-foot asteroid hurtling toward Earth missed by 50,000 miles-just a fifth of the distance to the moon. As comforting as the avoided terrestrial calamity was, what remains disturbing is that no one knew it was coming. The near miss came just days before NASA plans to launch an $800 million probe that will land on a much larger asteroid, a remnant from the beginning of the solar system that should provide clues to Earth’s origins.

A new skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles has become the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Construction workers on Saturday placed a 10-ton spire atop the Wilshire Grand Tower. The spire adds 160 feet to the 73-story building. That makes it 1,099 feet high.

Oklahoma registered one of its biggest earthquakes Saturday even after state regulators have beefed up limits on disposing oilfield waste and the rate of tremors had started to slow somewhat from unprecedented levels last year. The tremor in central Oklahoma was felt from Texas to Illinois, measuring 5.6 in magnitude and tying a state record set in 2011.

AP Top Stories

Passengers on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas ship endured a choppy, stomach-churning ride this weekend as the Bermuda-bound cruise liner steered into Post-Tropical Cyclone Hermine. The 16-deck Anthem is the same ship that suffered damage in February after sailing into hurricane-force winds and 30-foot waves off the coast of North Carolina.

Acknowledging the scars of a secret war, President Barack Obama on Tuesday said the United States has a “moral obligation” to help Laos, this isolated Southeast Asian nation, heal and vowed to reinvigorate relations with a country with rising strategic importance to the U.S.

Illegal hunting in Democratic Republic of Congo has wiped out 70 percent of Eastern gorillas in the past two decades and pushed the world’s biggest primate close to extinction, a Red List of endangered species showed on Sunday.

At least 35 people were killed on Sunday when a bus collided with a fuel tanker and burst into flames in southern Afghanistan, in the latest road accident in the war-torn country.

A gigantic wooden replica of London’s 1666 skyline has been burned in the River Thames to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London. The event, which took place on Sunday as part of the London’s Burning festival, involved a 394-foot-long sculpture being set alight and floated down the Thames on an enormous barge.

Top diplomats from the United States and Russia on Monday failed to reach a deal to ease fighting in Syria, US officials said, after government troops encircled rebel-held parts of Aleppo.

Nearly 2,000 people have been killed by police or vigilantes in the Philippines as President Rodrigo Duterte ramps up his campaign against illegal drugs. Duterte has publicly named hundreds of politicians, military and police personnel, and other influential people allegedly involved in the drug trade and has ordered them to surrender or be hunted down.

Despite formidable opposition across the political spectrum, President Barack Obama is using his final months in office to fight for congressional approval of a 12-nation free trade pact called the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


China has warned that anyone advocating Hong Kong’s independence could be punished. The stern message came after young pro-democracy activists won seats on Hong Kong’s Legislative Council (LegCo).

Hurricane Newton has made landfall in western Mexico near the popular tourist resort of Cabo San Lucas.

Twin bomb blasts in the Afghan capital Kabul have killed at least 24 people and injured 91 others near the defense ministry, officials said.

At least 40 people have been killed in bombings in mainly government-held areas of Syria, state media report.


Federal officials in New York are investigating an emergency alert system after a mistakenly truncated message about storm system Hermine wrongly advised TV watchers on Long Island of an ordered evacuation, authorities said Sunday.

Amid the disclosure this week that the Obama administration has allowed Iran to continue secret efforts to enrich uranium and stockpile the heavy water needed to produce a plutonium nuclear weapon, a leading expert on the Iranian nuclear program remains concerned that Tehran could build a deliverable atomic bomb now.

SC – Spartanburg County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating threats made against Jewish and Muslim students at Byrnes High School.

Top News – 9/6/2016

New York City September 19th, 2016
The Triumphal Arch, a symbol of resilience in the face of loss, will be a fitting tribute to America’s great metropolis. The arch will stand in Manhattan, surrounded by buildings adorned with classical features suggesting the common cultural roots of East and West.

Strong aftershocks rattle East Coast
More strong aftershocks have rattled the East Coast with a 5.7 tremor among the shakes in the early hours of the morning.

Hillary Has Second Coughing Spell of Day During In-Flight Presser Read more: Hillary Has Second Coughing Spell of Day During In-Flight Presser
It was the second time Monday that Clinton had a coughing spell, having coughed her way through two minutes of a campaign speech in Cleveland earlier. But the cough has been a point of speculation among some of Clinton’s critics who say it points to evidence she is in poor health.

God’s Solution to the ‘Nones’ Who Have Left the Faith
What is God’s solution to this growing problem of religious “nones”? It can be summed up in three words: truth, encounter, and consistency.

For First Time EVER, Undeniable Evidence of Jewish Temple Discovered
An incredible new discovery at the Temple Mount has produced the first-ever physical and archaeological evidence that the Jewish Second Temple stood on the Mount 2,000 years ago, upsetting Arab claims, increasingly endorsed by the international community, that the Temples never existed.

CNN Poll: Trump Closes 11-Point Gap, Leads Clinton Nationally By Two Points
A new CNN poll shows Republican Donald Trump has closed an 11-point gap with Democrat Hillary Clinton and leads her nationally in the race for the White House by two points.

Clinton Turned Away High-Level Chinese Defector to Assist Beijing Leaders
Hillary Clinton turned away a high-ranking Chinese defector who sought political asylum after the communist police chief sought refuge in a U.S. consulate in southwestern China four years ago. Critics say Clinton’s handling of the defection of Wang Lijun, a close aide to a regional Communist Party leader, was a blunder and lost opportunity for U.S. intelligence to gain secrets about the leaders of America’s emerging Asian adversary.

Hurricane Newton makes landfall in Mexico
Hurricane Newton packing 90-mile (145-kilometer) per hour winds made landfall near the Los Cabos resort area of Mexico’s west coast on Tuesday where thousands of tourists and locals are hunkered down, US forecasters said.

Homeland Security boss’ love-in with Hamas front group
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the annual convention of a Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood front group Saturday night in Chicago that, thanks to the Obama administration, its struggle for full acceptance in America “is one you will win.”

Athens won’t get EU rescue loans after breaking reform promise
Athens has reportedly managed to implement only two out of 15 reforms previously agreed with its international creditors. Moreover, the country has slowed down the privatization process of its public assets.

Subterranean cemetery ‘city’ being constructed in Jerusalem
According to Jewish tradition, being buried in Jerusalem has a special significance: Those buried in the capital are believed to be the first to reach the Temple Mount with the resurrection of the dead with the coming of the Messiah. This has put a premium on burial space, so a new solution has been initiated.

Small quake strikes west Alabama
The earthquake, which struck at 3:28 a.m., was centered about 12.4 miles south of Aliceville, according to the Survey. It was estimated as a 2.6 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 3.5 miles, which is relatively small.

Singapore Zika cases hit 275; new potential cluster at Bishan found
17 new cases of locally transmitted were confirmed on Tuesday (Sep 6), bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Singapore to 275.

Massive 6.2 magnitude earthquake hits Russia
The earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean near the Commander Islands, just off Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, on Tuesday. The epicenter was shallow – just 8 miles below the surface.

Angela Merkel’s CDU suffers Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania poll blow
Angela Merkel’s ruling CDU party has been beaten into third place by an anti-immigrant and anti-Islam party in elections in a north-eastern German state. The Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party took just under 21% of the vote behind the centre-left SPD’s 30%. The German chancellor’s CDU was backed by only 19% of voters, its worst ever result in the state.

80 Percent Captured at Border Set Free in U.S., Says Agent
Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza…president of the National Border Patrol Council, Local 2455, appeared on Fox News Channel…to discuss border security and the need for building a wall. “Eight out of ten people that are caught entering our country illegally…are allowed to stay in the United States,” Garza explained. “Unfortunately…we are trying to do our jobs as best we can with the very limited resources that we have.”

‘Hezbollah, Syrian army preparing large operation near Israel border’
Troops loyal to the Syrian regime along with Hezbollah fighters have allegedly been finalizing plans to launch a large-scale operation against Syrian opposition forces near the border with Israel, according to Iranian media. “The Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters have been working on a joint plan to end militancy in Southern Syria, particularly near the Golan Heights,” Iran’s Fars news agency quoted unnamed military sources as saying Monday.

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, founder of Eagle Forum, dies at 92
Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum who helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, died Monday at her St. Louis home at the age of 92.

MSNBC Cuts Live Coverage As Hillary Has “One Of The Worst Coughing Fits Ever” – Blames ‘Seasonal Allergies’
Unfortunately for Hillary, her earlier coughing fit was not a lone wolf attack. Right in the middle of her “Russia-Trump Conspiracy” lecture to reporters aboard her plan, she was forced to cut short her story by another “seasonal allergy” attack (odd aboard was is likely a heavily filtered air cabin), retreating to the safety of the front seats withe the reappearance of her African American ‘handler’ once again. Upon her return she explained that “we went back and checked and this happens to me every Labor day.” Which seems odd… one assumes that any ill-timed meeting of world-leaders will have to take place in a hermetically-sealed room from now on…

Philippines leader curses Obama; White House cancels meeting
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte tore into President Obama with an obscenity on Monday, and later the White House canceled a scheduled meeting with Duterte.

Abbas accepts Russia plan to meet Netanyahu: envoy
Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has agreed on a Russian proposal for him to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of a new peace push, an official said Monday. Netanyahu has said he is open to such a meeting together with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

World Israel maintains wary eye on Syria as conflict turns to ‘balagan’
The Syrian conflict is entering a highly unpredictable phase, the former head of the Israeli domestic security agency said on Monday, adding that the Iranian-backed militia Hezbollah posed a growing threat to Israel despite losing many fighters.

Top Headlines – 9/6/2016

Abbas accepts Russia plan to meet Netanyahu: envoy

Netanyahu considering offer of talks with Palestinian president in Moscow

Dutch ex-PM: ‘War criminal’ Netanyahu should be tried in Hague

Israeli groups seeks referendum on disputed territories

Japan and Israel upgrade relations as Arab oil influence wanes

‘Iran, aided by proxy terrorist groups, biggest existential threat to Israel’

‘ISIS kilometers away from Israel’s northern border’

Israel maintains wary eye on Syria as conflict turns to ‘balagan’

Dozens killed in explosions targeting government-held Syrian cities

Syria conflict: IS claims wave of bombings that kills dozens

Obama, Putin meet on sidelines of G20, vow to keep working toward Syria deal

Obama, Putin meet on sidelines of G20, vow to keep working toward Syria dealRussia Urges US to Help Stop Syria Rebel Attacks

Syria war: IS ‘loses control along Turkey border’

Up to 40% of asylum seekers in Switzerland ‘disappear’

Angela Merkel admits immigration policy hurt party in elections

Iran’s Khamenei blasts Saudi management of holy sites

Khamenei: Muslims should reconsider letting Saudis run Mecca pilgrimage

2015 Hajj stampede: Iran leader says Saudis ‘murdered’ pilgrims

Britain names ambassador to Iran as relations improve

Terrorist massacre of Pakistani Christian village thwarted

Brazil: Police use tear gas at anti-Temer protest

U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections

Obama scraps meeting with Philippine leader who called him ‘son of whore’

Obama defends Kaepernick’s national anthem protest

Obama: Kaepernick’s protest ‘a tough thing’ for military community

Clinton’s Christian faith, once a political weapon, all but absent from campaign

Hillary blames lengthy coughing fit on ‘Trump allergy’

Hillary Clinton: Timing of Russian hack is aimed at helping Trump

Clinton Says Trump Created ‘Diplomatic Incident’ With Mexico Trip

Clinton calls Trump’s Mexico trip ’embarrassing

UN human rights chief condemns Western populist politician ‘demagogues’

North Dakota pipeline protest turns violent after cultural sites destroyed

Saudi Arabia, Russia sign oil pact, may limit output in future

Global stocks push higher as oil takes wild ride

A cashless society? Some retailers turn noses up at currency

SpaceX’s Explosion Reverberates Across Space, Satellite and Telecom Industries

Israeli Government Has Stake in, Capability of Creating ‘Blue and White’ Communications Satellites, Says Space Industry Source in Wake of Amos 6 Explosion

North Korea fires three ballistic missiles as G20 leaders meet in China

Abe “Strongly Protests” After North Korean Ballistic Missile Launch Into Japan’s Air Defense Zone

UN Security Council to Discuss North Korea Missile Launches

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Nikol’skoye, Russia

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Lata, Solomon Islands

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Opotiki, New Zealand

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Nikol’skoye, Russia

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Gisborne, New Zealand

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Alofi, Niue

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Hurricane Newton to unleash flooding and mudslides on Baja California, northern Mexico

Floods, landslides caused by a tropical depression wreak havoc on Mexico’s Acapulco resort

Asian typhoons becoming more intense, study finds

Freaking out about Zika virus? West Nile is the real killer

Drug Linked to Ohio Overdoses Can Kill in Doses Smaller than a Snowflake

Revolution against ‘rich parasites’ at utopian Burning Man Festival as ‘hooligans’ attack luxury camp

Violent crimes against women in England and Wales reach record high

Finland: Church won’t allow pastors to officiate gay weddings

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  • Turkish air strikes hit 12 targets in north Iraq: military (Read More)
  • Hanjin Shipping parent raising funds to unload stranded cargo (Read More)
  • Junk Debt Getting Crowded (Read More)
  • Ailes hires Hollywood libel lawyer to take on New York magazine (Read More)
  • Japan’s Central Bank Should Wait for the Fed, Abe Advisor Says (Read More)
  • Bayer sweetens Monsanto bid as talks enter final stretch (Read More)
  • China Is About to Get Serious With Bad Debt (Read More)
  • Enbridge to Buy Spectra Energy in $28 Billion Deal (Read More)
  • Libor Surge Reverberates All the Way to China’s Currency Market (Read More)
  • California Court Case Opens Door for Pension Benefit Reductions (Read More)
  • SpaceX Blast Threatens to Leave NASA in a Bind (Read More)
  • China’s pension funds under pressure with rising payments: Xinhua (Read More)
  • Obama says North Korea sanctions must be implemented after missiles fired (Read More)

The Briefing 09-06-16

Labor Day report: An alarming number of American men neither working nor seeking work

Universal Basic Income? How theology intersects work, dignity, and the economy

How should evangelicals remember Mother Teresa, declared a saint by the Catholic church on Sunday?

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Unexplained event occurs in the Earth’s stratosphere for first time since records began

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Texas Boy Running Late to School Stops for Pledge and Prayer

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A little boy proved you can never be too busy to honor God or your country. Kindergartener Royce Thompson of Santa Fe, Texas was running…

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Rabbi Claims Trump Will Be American “Messiah”

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Philippines’ Duterte Calls Obama ‘Son of a Whore’

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte called Barack Obama a “son of a whore” on Monday as he vowed not to be lectured by the US leader…

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What Happens When TV and Internet Preachers Are Silenced?

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(By Ricky Scaparo) As I am writing this, we have an entire slew of TV Preachers to choose from today and an array of sources…

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Netanyahu May Meet Abbas in a Meeting Hosted by… Putin

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Hotel Reportedly Removes Bibles From Rooms After Atheist Complaint

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Will September 30th Bring The Beginning Of The End For Free Speech On The Internet?

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Atheists Target Children in New Evolution-Promoting Book

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An evolution-propagandizing illustrated children’s book is drawing praise from the secular community and currently ranks as a best seller on Amazon.com. “Annabelle & Aiden: The…

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President Obama defends Kaepernick national anthem protest…

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Is anyone really shocked that the President of the Us Barack Obama on Monday defended San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to…

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Cameraman ordered to cut feed of black church Trump praise…

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A shocking example of anti-Trump media censorship was caught on tape when Reuters ordered its cameraman to cut live footage of Trump receiving praise from…

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ISIS Warns Hundreds of jihadis Have Snuck in to Attack Europe…

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A new report is indicating that ISIS supporters have gloated about sleeper cells nestled in Europe which are poised to carry out horror attacks on…

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Earthquake Shakes Up Alabama-Mississippi State Line

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A small earthquake has been reported shaking up the residents on the Mississippi-Alabama state line early Monday (Sept. 5), the United States Geological Survey reported….

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September 5, 2016
ALAN KEYES — When people apply Christ’s injunction to “seek first the kingdom of God and His justice” (Matthew 6:33, Luke 12:31), they often construe it without regard for the context. So they reason as if His words are meant to establish temporal priority (do this first, then that, then that, etc., in sequence). However, considered in its entirety, this is plainly not the case. For Christ goes on to say “and all other things will be added unto you.” Simply put, everything else is fitly taken care of once you tend to God’s rule…. (more)

September 5, 2016

CLIFF KINCAID — The lack of coverage in 2008 of the embarrassing facts in Barack Obama’s background, especially his deep personal relationship with a Communist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis, stands as a sensational example of how dishonest the national media can be when they are determined to elect somebody. If Obama’s opponent, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), had been linked to a Nazi or a Klansman, the press would have jumped on the story, with endless follow-ups…. (more)

September 5, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES — Hillary Clinton’s Christianity, which she wielded as a political weapon in her 2008 Democratic presidential primary campaign, largely has been missing in this year’s election. She hasn’t hidden her Methodist upbringing, but scholars say it’s not front and center. And where in the past she used it as a window into her character, this year she’s deployed it as a debate tactic to push criminal justice reform and other policy goals…. (more)

September 5, 2016

WORLDNETDAILY — As the Department of Homeland Security contemplates taking possibly unconstitutional power over the U.S. election system due to the threat of hackers, citizens should consider the fact that the agency itself was the victim of a major cyber intrusion that stole sensitive personal information of thousands of its employees, contends a former DHS officer…. (more)

September 5, 2016
NEWSMAX — The Mexican border might be getting a lot of the attention because of Donald Trump’s wall proposal, but terrorism threats coming to and from Canada can be a cause of concern as well…. (more)

September 5, 2016
NEWSMAX — Santa Clara Police Officers Association, whose union members largely volunteer to work Levi Stadium security detail during events, have threatened “choosing not to work” San Francisco 49ers home games “if the 49ers organization fails to take action to stop” his “inappropriate workplace behavior,” the police union told the 49ers organization in a letter Friday, citing a “hostile work environment.”… (more)

September 4, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES — Deliberately sidestepping Congress, President Obama formally entered the U.S. into an international climate-change agreement Saturday with China and dozens of other nations to limit greenhouse gas emissions. In a ceremony in Hangzhou, China, Mr. Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping deposited each country’s official “instrument of acceptance” with U.N. Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon to join the agreement…. (more)

September 4, 2016

NEW YORK POST — If President Barack Obama was hoping for a graceful start to his final trip to Asia as commander in chief, this wasn’t it. A confrontation between a White House aide and a Chinese official, and other diplomatic dust-ups were out in the open from the moment Air Force One landed in Hangzhou, site of an economic summit…. (more)

September 4, 2016
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY — As David and Rich have already noted, the FBI-302 report of the interview of Hillary Clinton, along with the other notes of investigation released today, make for mind boggling reading. Most bracing is the fact that Mrs. Clinton had her server wiped clean sometime between March 25 and 31, 2015, only three weeks after the New York Times on March 3 broke the story of the server system’s existence…. (more)

September 4, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Reading the Washington Examiner’s coverage of Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview, a phrase came to mind again and again …”I am just a caveman.”… (more)

September 3, 2016
NEWSMAX — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is holding a seven percentage-point lead over GOP nominee Donald Trump in a new survey. It also reveals that supporters of both nominees are more motivated by fear that the other side will win the race, rather than because they are excited about their own candidate…. (more)

September 3, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES — Hillary Clinton didn’t know how secret information got to be classified, she told the FBI in her interview earlier this summer, according to documents released Friday – – showing a striking lack of awareness for someone at the highest reaches of government…. (more)

September 3, 2016
NEWSMAX — Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville says the Republican Party is killing itself with its embrace of Donald Trump and stands to lose an “entire generation” of voters…. (more)

September 3, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES — Apple’s App Store appears to be protecting Hillary Clinton from political satire games while allowing titles like “Punch Trump” onto the digital retail platform…. (more)

September 3, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — The Black Lives Matter movement has been feted repeatedly at the White House and honored at the Democratic National Convention. Hillary Clinton has incorporated its claims about racist, homicidal cops into her presidential campaign pitch…. (more)

September 3, 2016
WESTERN JOURNALISM — A new poll undercuts one of the foundational principles of the Black Lives Matter movement, which views police as antagonists of black Americans. The Aug. 31 Marquette University Law School poll found that while there were differences in how whites and non-whites view police, majorities in both demographic groups support law enforcement…. (more)

September 3, 2016
WASHINGTON TIMES — The U.S. Army has confirmed that the first female to try out for the 75th Ranger Regiment has failed. Military officials said Thursday that an unnamed non-commissioned officer attempted to joint the special operations force on June 16. The soldier was unable to complete Ranger Assessment and Selection Program 2 (RASP 2) in its entirety…. (more)

September 3, 2016
BOB UNRUH — Australian officials have confirmed that a 4-year-old child is going through a sex-change procedure despite the warning last month by the American College of Pediatrics that even treatments, much less surgical intervention, can cause sterility and are based on “unscientific gender ideology” that violate “the long-standing ethical principle of ‘First do no harm.'”… (more)

September 2, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — The national debt hit $19.5 trillion for the first time ever this week, a little more than seven months after it hit the $19 trillion mark. The debt clocked in at $19.51 trillion at the end of Wednesday, the Treasury Department reported Thursday afternoon. Precise debt figures on any given day are released on the following business day…. (more)

September 2, 2016
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — The hosts of “CBS This Morning” peppered Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., with questions Thursday morning about Hillary Clinton’s lack of press availability, prompting the Democratic nominee’s running mate to hint her campaign will be more open with reporters in the near future…. (more)

September 2, 2016

BREITBART — In his message for the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation” Thursday, Pope Francis said that human-induced global warming, as well as a loss of biodiversity are “sins” against God, which must be atoned for by planting trees, avoiding the use of plastic and paper and “separating refuse.”… (more)

September 2, 2016
WESLEY PRUDEN — Marketing is mostly hype. You’re not supposed to believe much of it, and nobody plays the hype game better than the occasional intelligent professional athlete. Even some of the dumb ones are pretty good at it…. (more)

September 2, 2016
BILL FEDERER — Imperial Japan’s emperor claimed to be an incarnate divinity who was to be obeyed completely. It was forbidden for his subjects to criticize him. The Japanese empire he inherited grew into one of the largest maritime empires in history, becoming the third largest naval power and having the ninth largest economy in the world…. (more)

September 2, 2016
FOX NEWS — An American college student who disappeared in China 12 years ago and was believed to have died was in fact kidnapped and forced to work as Kim Jong Un’s personal tutor in Pyongyang, where he remains to this day, according to a South Korean activist organization…. (more)

September 1, 2016
CLIFF KINCAID — Kristen Welker informed viewers of the NBC Nightly News that an “undocumented worker” was at fault in a terrible bus crash in Louisiana on August 28 that killed two people and injured 41 others. It is typical of the media to use that phrase when referring to illegal aliens. It is how the media try to condition people to accept their presence in the United States. After all, if these people are “workers,” they can’t be such terrible people. On the other hand, the word “alien” implies something foreign to the United States…. (more)

Our Time is Short

Read: Recommitting Your Life To God and Jesus Christ – Restoration and Forgiveness With God and Jesus Christ (Updated Version)

What is The Gospel?

God made everything out of nothing, including you and me. His main purpose in creation was to bring him pleasure.

The chief way in which we as humanity do this is through loving, obeying, and enjoying him perfectly.

Instead of this, we have sinned against our loving Creator and acted in high-handed rebellion.

God has vowed that he will righteously and lovingly judge sinners with eternal death.

But God, being merciful, loving, gracious, and just, sent his own son, Jesus Christ, in the likeness of man to live as a man; fulfilling his perfect requirements in the place of sinners; loving, obeying, and enjoying him perfectly.

And further, his son bore the eternal judgment of God upon the cross of Calvary, as he satisfied the eternal anger of God, standing in the place of sinners. God treated Jesus as a sinner, though he was perfectly sinless, that he might declare sinners as perfect.

This glorious transaction occurs as the sinner puts their faith (dependence, trust) in the Lord Jesus Christ as their substitute. God then charges Christ’s perfection to the sinner, and no longer views him as an enemy but instead an adopted son covered in the perfect righteousness of his son.

God furnished proof that this sacrifice was accepted by raising Jesus from the dead.

God will judge the world in righteousness and all of those who are not covered in the righteousness of Christ, depending on him for forgiveness, will be forced to stand on their own to bear the eternal anger of God.

Therefore, all must turn from sin and receive Christ Jesus as Lord.

What Is the Gospel?

There is no greater message to be heard than that which we call the gospel. But as important as that is, it is often given to massive distortions or over simplifications. People think they’re preaching the gospel to you when they tell you, ‘you can have a purpose to your life’, or that ‘you can have meaning to your life’, or that ‘you can have a personal relationship with Jesus.’ All of those things are true, and they’re all important, but they don’t get to the heart of the gospel.

The gospel is called the ‘good news’ because it addresses the most serious problem that you and I have as human beings, and that problem is simply this: God is holy and He is just, and I’m not. And at the end of my life, I’m going to stand before a just and holy God, and I’ll be judged. And I’ll be judged either on the basis of my own righteousness–or lack of it –or the righteousness of another. The good news of the gospel is that Jesus lived a life of perfect righteousness, of perfect obedience to God, not for His own well being but for His people. He has done for me what I couldn’t possibly do for myself. But not only has He lived that life of perfect obedience, He offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice to satisfy the justice and the righteousness of God.

The great misconception in our day is this: that God isn’t concerned to protect His own integrity. He’s a kind of wishy-washy deity, who just waves a wand of forgiveness over everybody. No. For God to forgive you is a very costly matter. It cost the sacrifice of His own Son. So valuable was that sacrifice that God pronounced it valuable by raising Him from the dead – so that Christ died for us, He was raised for our justification. So the gospel is something objective. It is the message of who Jesus is and what He did. And it also has a subjective dimension. How are the benefits of Jesus subjectively appropriated to us? How do I get it? The Bible makes it clear that we are justified not by our works, not by our efforts, not by our deeds, but by faith–and by faith alone. The only way you can receive the benefit of Christ’s life and death is by putting your trust in Him–and in Him alone. You do that, you’re declared just by God, you’re adopted into His family, you’re forgiven of all of your sins, and you have begun your pilgrimage for eternity.

The Gospel In A Nutshell

Now, with regard to this rule of faith—that we may from this point acknowledge what it is which we defend—it is, you must know, that which prescribes the belief that there is one only God, and that He is none other than the Creator of the world, who produced all things out of nothing through His own Word, first of all sent forth; that this Word is called His Son, and, under the name of God, was seen “in diverse manners” by the patriarchs, heard at all times in the prophets, at last brought down by the Spirit and Power of the Father into the Virgin Mary, was made flesh in her womb, and, being born of her, went forth as Jesus Christ; thenceforth He preached the new law and the new promise of the kingdom of heaven, worked miracles; having been crucified, He rose again the third day; (then) having ascended into the heavens, He sat at the right hand of the Father; sent instead of Himself the Power of the Holy Ghost to lead such as believe; will come with glory to take the saints to the enjoyment of everlasting life and of the heavenly promises, and to condemn the wicked to everlasting fire, after the resurrection of both these classes shall have happened, together with the restoration of their flesh. This rule, as it will be proved, was taught by Christ, and raises amongst ourselves no other questions than those which heresies introduce, and which make men heretics.

Tertullian, “On Prescription Against Heretics,” Chapter XIIl

Ravi Zacharias explains the gospel in two minutes:

The Gospel on 5 Fingers

Can you explain the gospel in 30 seconds? In one minute? In five minutes?Here’s one way I have found helpful. The five main components of the gospel can be remembered on 5 fingers of one hand. Here they are:

1) Jesus’ birth
2) Jesus’ life
3) Jesus’ death
4) Jesus’ resurrection
5) Jesus’ ascension

Obviously each point can be elaborated on depending on how much time you have. Here’s the short version:

1) Jesus’ birth – Jesus, God himself, the creator of the universe, the Messiah, became a human being – took on flesh, and was born of a virgin.

2) Jesus’ life – Jesus lived a life of perfect obedience to his Father. Though he was tempted in every way as we are, he never once sinned.

3) Jesus’ death – on the cross, Jesus himself took all our sins and paid for them. God the father counted all our sins to Jesus as if he himself had personally committed them. Then Jesus bore God’s wrath towards sin – the punishment we deserved – as a substitute for us.

4) Jesus’ resurrection – within 3 days, Jesus rose physically from the dead, proving that his sacrifice for sins have been accepted by God, since the punishment for sin was death. Jesus was seen by numerous people after he rose including 500 at one time (1 Corinthians 15).

5) Jesus’ ascension – Jesus ascended physically into heaven where he reigns as King of kings and Lord of lords. And someday he will return to the earth.

That’s the gospel, the good news, and if we believe in Jesus Christ and this good news and call upon him he will save us from our sins and give us eternal life.

That’s a simple way to remember the gospel – five fingers. Even a child can do it. So ask God to give you opportunities to share his good news today.

Ready to start your new life with God?

Who do you think that I am?

With that brief question Jesus Christ confronted His followers with the most important issue they would ever face. He had spent much time with them and made some bold claims about His identity and authority. Now the time had come for them either to believe or deny His teachings.

Who do you say Jesus is? Your response to Him will determine not only your values and lifestyle, but your eternal destiny as well.

Consider what the Bible says about Him: Read more

Resource Links

CanIKnowGod.com is a website inspired by LifesGreatestQuestion.com, with new content, images, audio and video that will help you understand more about who God is and how to know Him. The site is mobile responsive and has an infinite scroll which makes for a very user-friendly experience. After you indicate a decision on CanIKnowGod.com, you are directed to a page that details what it means to have a new and transformed life through Jesus Christ. There’s even a Facebook page for daily updates, encouragement and scripture sharing.

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About Christianity
Know Jesus Christ and your life will be transformed

The Perseverance (Security) of the Saints

Notice all the Scripture references!

It is not just a handful of texts that teach the perseverance of the saints: the entire gospel sustains and confirms it. The Father has chosen them before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:4), ordained them to eternal life (Acts 13:48), to be conformed to the image of his Son (Rom. 8:29). This election stands (Rom. 9:11; Heb. 6:17) and in due time carries with it the calling and justification and glorification (Rom. 8:30). Christ, in whom all the promises of God are Yes and Amen (2 Cor. 1:20), died for those who were given him by the Father (John 17:6, 12) in order that he might give them eternal life and not lose a single one of them (6:40; 17:2); he therefore gives them eternal life and they will never be lost in all eternity; no one will snatch them out of his hand (6:39; 10:28).

The Holy Spirit who regenerates them remains eternally with them (14:16) and seals them for the day of redemption (Eph. 1:13; 4:30). The covenant of grace is firm and confirmed with an oath (Heb. 6:16–18; 13:20), unbreakable like a marriage (Eph. 5:31–32), like a testament (Heb. 9:17), and by virtue of that covenant, God calls his elect. He inscribes the law upon their inmost being, puts his fear in their heart (Heb. 8:10; 10:14ff.), will not let them be tempted beyond their strength (1 Cor. 10:13), confirms and completes the good work he has begun in them (1 Cor. 1:9; Phil. 1:6), and keeps them for the return of Christ to receive the heavenly inheritance (1 Thess. 5:23; 2 Thess. 3:3; 1 Pet. 1:4–5).

In his intercession before the Father, Christ acts in such a way that their faith may not fail (Luke 22:32), that in the world they may be kept from the evil one (John 17:11, 20), that they may be saved for all times (Heb. 7:20), that their sins will be forgiven them (1 John 2:1), and that they may all be where he is to behold his glory (John 17:24). The benefits of Christ, which the Holy Spirit imparts to them, are all irrevocable (Rom. 11:29). Those who are called are also glorified (8:30). Those who are adopted as children are heirs of eternal life (8:17; Gal. 4:7). Those who believe have eternal life already here and now (John 3:16). That life itself, being eternal, cannot be lost. It cannot die since it cannot sin (1 John 3:9). Faith is a firm ground (Heb. 11:1), hope is an anchor (6:19) and does not disappoint us (Rom. 5:5), and love never ends (1 Cor. 13:8).

Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics: Holy Spirit, Church, and New Creation, volume 4 (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2008), 270.

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Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare has come to life in this exclusive interview with her former Secret Service Officer, Gary Byrne. For the first time on the Next News Network he reveals the inside story of the filthy truth she doesn’t want you to know, that he witnessed first hand while assigned to the Oval Office as her protection detail. The media is censoring this truth – please share.

The Fraud Of Full Employment

unemp cc cc

The official unemployment rate is a baloney number. It doesn’t actually measure all of the unemployed. Those who are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits are simply treated as if they no longer exist for instance. This is millions of Americans. Very likely these unemployed “ghosts” are your neighbors. Or maybe even you.

The official unemployment rate is deceptive – as IBD says in the attached article.

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The Libertarians have become the moderate, middle way party

gj cpac cc

As we say all the time we have no horse in the presidential race, or any political race. Not even a Libertarian horse even though it is obvious to anyone who has read us for any period of time that we have a libertarian (please note the small “l”) disposition. Free markets, free minds, sound money, respect, tolerance, entrepreneurialism, and a complete disdain for the crony capitalist, state centered, highly political system that has been erected in America are the things (more or less) that drive us.

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From An Industrial Economy To A Paper Economy – The Stunning Decline Of Manufacturing In America

Industrial - Public DomainWhy does it seem like almost everything is made in China these days?  Yesterday I was looking at some pencils that we had laying around the house and I noticed that they had been manufactured in China.  I remarked to my wife that it was such a shame that they don’t make pencils in the United States anymore.  At another point during the day, I turned over my television remote and I noticed that it also had “Made In China” engraved on it.  It is still Labor Day as I write this article, and so I think that it is quite appropriate to write about our transition from an industrial economy to a paper economy today.  Since the year 2000, the United States has lost five million manufacturing jobs even though our population has grown substantially since that time.  Manufacturing in America is in a state of stunning decline, our economic infrastructure is being absolutely gutted, and our formerly great manufacturing cities are in an advanced state of decay.  We consume far more wealth than we produce, and the only way that we are able to do this is by taking on massive amounts of debt.  But is our debt-based paper economy sustainable in the long run? (Read More….)

The Clinton Conspiracy Against America

Their plot against America is a threat to the republic

There have been calls to shut down the Clinton Foundation. But the Clinton Foundation is not a building or a letterhead. It is the permanent Clinton regime. If Hillary wins, it becomes the government.

It can’t be dismantled without breaking up the Clinton Network. Criminal conspiracies aren’t shut down by closing a front group. The only way to end the Clinton Conspiracy is to indict and imprison the key players in this plot against America. As long as this rogue government exists, it is a threat to the republic.

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Iranian Ayatollah: The ‘Hidden Imam’ Will Come To Earth In A Vessel ‘Like A Spaceship’

TEL AVIV – An Iranian Grand Ayatollah recently said that the Mahdi – the Shi’ite version of the messiah – will arrive in a “super-modern vessel like a spaceship” and that until that time there will be no “peace, security, or decency” on earth.

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ELCA Releases Supplemental Resources To Aid Clergy in Homosexual Marriage Services

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), rightly claimed by many to be neither Evangelical or Lutheran, has released a resource guide to aid clergy with the performance of liturgy in the “marriage” of sodomites.

You can see the entire document here.

A press release at ELCA’s website states:

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has developed supplemental resources for use within the Evangelical Lutheran Worship marriage service. The liturgical resources were developed based on action by the ELCA Church Council to implement recommendations from the “Ministry to and with Same-gender Couples and Their Families” working group.

The apostate denomination, that claims the slogan, “God’s Work, Our Hands,” and is now in communion with the Vatican, fully affirms homosexuality, and accepts them into their congregation as “needed members with gifts.” Rev. Kevin Strickland, ELCA executive for worship says “These supplemental resources have been created to offer more inclusivity in language, pastoral care, and openness for all persons who seek to be married within this church.” The ELCA adopted a resolution in 2009 resolving to find ways for “committed” sodomites to serve as leaders in the church (page 22).

Preceding many of the great judgments of God throughout biblical history, you will find sexual immorality among the people. God destroyed entire cities (Genesis 18:16-19:29) because his creation practiced these things that are detestable to him. Scripture is undeniably clear the homosexuality is an abomination to God, and in no way does he approve of it (Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, etc.). Further, Scripture is exceedingly clear that those who practice sodomy will not see the kingdom of God.

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. – 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

The council states on page 2 that “The new challenges to long-held understandings regarding homosexuality led many to consider again the meaning and application of Scripture as well as the Lutheran theological heritage.” In other words, the intention is to twist and reinterpret Scriptures to sick and perverted desires of the flesh.

For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.

Romans 1:26-28

It is very clear that the ELCA does not know God or even know who he is. There is no acknowledgment of Christ, and no desire to walk in the light of his truth. These wicked people who rationalize their sin are ignorant and unstable, and do this to their own destruction (2 Peter 3:16).

Lord have mercy on our souls.

Source: ELCA Releases Supplemental Resources To Aid Clergy in Homosexual Marriage Services


“Mother Teresa” Declared a Saint by “Pope Francis” After Being Credited With Miracles in Death

Christian News Network has a quote from Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries that some folks will find hard to believe.  Nevertheless, what Gendron says is true:

Mother Teresa did not believe or proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation.  She encouraged Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists to be better Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. She never pointed people to Christ as the only savior, mediator and redeemer. Instead she taught a bizarre ‘pseudo-pantheism’ in which she believed Jesus was present in everyone.

In her piece for Christian News, Heather Clark reveals a whole lot more about the controversial Catholic nun:

Mother TeresaAgnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, also known as “Mother Teresa,” was declared a venerated saint on Sunday after she met the Vatican’s requirement of being credited with the purported healing of two people through what Roman Catholics believe is her intercession in death.

“[A]fter due deliberation and frequent prayer for divine assistance, and having sought the counsel of many of our brother bishops, we declare and define Blessed Teresa of Calcutta to be a saint, and we enroll her among the saints, decreeing that she is to be venerated as such by the whole church,” Jorge Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis, declared at the Vatican before an estimated crowd of 120,000 people on Sunday.

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Take a look at CRN’s research paper on Roman Catholicism


How Liberal Judges Took Control of 70 Percent of US Appeals Courts

According to Philip Wegmann of The Daily Signal:

JudgingOn the campaign trail in 2008, Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform the United States of America. After nearly eight years as president, he has delivered on one front by reshaping the federal judiciary.

That revolution has been comprehensive, dramatic, and under the radar.

When Obama entered the Oval Office, liberal judges controlled just one of the 13 circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals. Fifty-five successful presidential nominations later, liberal majorities now control nine of those appeals benches, or 70 percent.

Outside of legal circles the transformation of the influential federal appeals courts has gone largely unnoticed, though.

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