Famous Quotes About Islam Through the Centuries

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


I happened upon something online which I found most compelling. We who call Islam and the Qur’an dangerous, terrifying and a global menace, are called “Islamophobes” by the liberal left. Barack Obama invariably says to the American people that ISIS has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

This article should set the record straight.

Political correctness is basically a new tactic with which to attack the truth. If you say anything derogatory about Islam, you are labeled an Islamophobe.

I found a site called WikiIslam. On this site is chronicled quotes from historic individuals on the religion of Islam and on the Qur’an and its prophet, going back hundreds of years.. I believe that that these people were not labeled anything derogatory. Their words were believed and regarded as truth.

I chose only a fraction of the historical figures who spoke out about Islam. There is not room in my…

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