An Inheritance Swap

Unfathomable Grace

In the beginning, the perfect God created a perfect planet, containing a perfect garden, filled with perfect animals, stewarded by perfect people. All was grand as Adam and Eve enjoyed perfect spiritual communion, intellectual veracity, emotional stability, relational intimacy, vocational satisfaction, physical health, and environmental stability. This is what God intended for his friends.

Then it happened. Sometimes this tragic episode has been called “The Fall” because the result was the entire human race falling from grace. Perhaps it could be better labeled “The Rebellion,” for it was no accident when perfectly wise individuals defied the one stated rule of their Creator. Yes, willfully, just as Satan and the demons arrogantly rebelled against God in the heavens, so the first couple defied God on earth. Truth claims were compared and contrasted. Free choices were made. Trust was transferred from the Creator to a created being. Spiritual alliances were formed. Sides were taken, and on one side were God and his obedient angels, on the other…

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