The Wrong Use of Freedom

Unfathomable Grace

Mr. Kaepernick, please adjust your ways! We all know the truth; many men and women have lived, fought, and died for this liberty you possess. Yes, you have the freedom to protest. You have the liberty to sit during the National Anthem while others are standing, respecting, and honoring. You are correct; no one can deny your position as a citizen of the United States of America. You are free to disrespect your fathers, fellow citizens, fallen heroes, living servants, country, and yourself. But Mr. Kaepernick, why would you continue to so foolishly abuse your liberty? Why would you use your freedom so poorly?

Mr. Christian, please adjust your ways! You too have been loved by a Savior who has lived, fought, and died for the liberty you possess. And no one can deny the freedom purchased for you by Jesus Christ. You are secure in him. You are a citizen of the…

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