NTEB EXCLUSIVE: Hidden Wires And Mechanism Of Some Kind Clearly Seen Under Hillary’s Jacket

Video footage captures moment hidden wires are revealed under Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit jacket.

For quite a while now, Hillary watchers have been baffled by her wearing of thick, bulky pantsuits and jackets even when it is very hot outside. Some have speculated that they hid a catheter or colostomy bag as a result of her various medical conditions like Parkinson’s Disease. This speculation is fueled largely because of lot of her outfits are obviously bulky and not form-fitting as if she was intentionally trying to keep something concealed. Remember sneaking outside candy and sodas into the movie theatre when you were younger, under a bulky sweater even though it was summertime? This is the impression Hillary gives you when you see her odd outfits and weird styling choices.

@Midgespeaks what’s on her back?? pic.twitter.com/gCSdwCMloY

— samwise (@samlipschitz) September 27, 2016

But at last night’s presidential debate with Donald Trump, as she bent over to shake someone’s hand, a wiring system attached to some kind of pod could clearly been seen under her jacket.

A hidden microphone system would go a long way to explaining Hillary’s very robotic answers, as if she was listening to the answers she was giving split seconds before verbalizing them.

So you look at the photo and video and decide for yourself what that is. A microphone, a defib machine…what? Whatever it is, she was trying to keep it from the public. If it’s a medical device that’s one thing – but – I think the American voting public needs to know if it was a hidden microphone or not.

Source: NTEB EXCLUSIVE: Hidden Wires And Mechanism Of Some Kind Clearly Seen Under Hillary’s Jacket

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