The Gospel Promise of God’s Performance

Unfathomable Grace

Adam and Eve needed some good news.

Consider what they had done. They had disbelieved the compassion and wisdom of their Heavenly Father. They had chosen to ally themselves with Lucifer and had defied the clearly stated law of God. Consequently, they brought upon themselves and their descendents spiritual deadness, emotional instability, relational chaos, environmental curse, generational depravity, physical depreciation, volitional pain, and death. And these were only the first consequences on this side of the grave. The Lake of Fire was still to come.

However, it was to these wretches that God delivered the greatest of news — the Gospel Promise of God’s Performance. God set aside the bilateral contract of works and instituted his unilateral covenant of grace. The Holy Judge swore he would go to work on behalf these insolent rebels, and so he did. God pursued and found them. He drew the truth out of their mouths and showed them their iniquity…

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