October 6, 2016 Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

Doug Evans has a good examination of Steven Furtick and his Code Orange heresy fest.
Why the KJV is NOT the best translation:
Catholics keep proving over and over that they have no clue about the real teachings of Christ.
Of course when the Pope himself focuses on environmentalism rather than Christ, then what can we expect from his followers?
Why don’t you recommend GOOD teachers?  I agree with Amy Spreeman, which is why I do what I do here at The Watchman’s Bagpipes.  Oh, I will occasionally recommend a good one, but I tend to spend more time alerting people to the danger of the wolves.
I find it to be very disappointing to learn that Eriwn Lutzer says we shouldn’t attack false teachers.  But, it isn’t something new because too many pastors say we should not worry so much about exposing false teachers but rather we should just teach the truth and people will discover for themselves who is false and who isn’t.  This, of course, has been demonstrated to be a 100% false philosophy — otherwise the false teachers wouldn’t be so prevalent and so powerful!  At any rate, the article also exposes what a false teacher Larry Crabb is (which I’ve know for many, many years!).  (The article makes a big issue about what Lutzer didn’t say, but that doesn’t concern me too much because one would have to have a whole lot more time to say everything the article suggested; my concern is about what Lutzer did say.)
Church by the Glades should be better named “Goat Pen by the Glades.”
Comparing Adventures in Missions to the Emergent Church.  Peas in pod.
Oh no — Jesus Calling now has a sequel!  Sarah Young continues her claims about revelation from Jesus in her new book, Jesus Always.  Warn your friends against this garbage.
Andy Stanley’s apologetic and a great response to it!
Hillsong NYC promotes racist “Black Lives Matter” movement.
Here’s one I don’t remember hearing about — the Catalyst Conference.  Looking at the names involved, I have the same question — what’s Swindoll doing there?
I’m always learning about another false teacher, this time it is Billye Brim.  Anyone Hagin “anointed” are part of Satan’s realm.  One can never keep up with the apostate state of the Church today! (Oh, and Sid Roth is about as false teacher as they get!)
Another reason to avoid teachings by Lysa Terkeurst.
Stay away from iDisciple!!!   Save yourself from lots of false teaching.


Source: Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

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