70% of Born-Again Believers Unsure Whether Trump or Clinton More “Authentically Christian”

70% of Born-Again Believers Deny Trump or Clinton "Authentically Christian"

Born-again Christians overwhelmingly disdain both presidential candidates. The vast majority (70 percent) denied that either candidate is more “authentically Christian” than the other, according to the Barna Group’s latest survey. Moreover, neither Clinton nor Trump has convinced the majority of born-again Christians that their character traits make them the superior candidate.

Most born-again Christians have either reconciled themselves to voting for Clinton or Trump simply because they dislike the other candidate even more, or plan to vote for a third-party candidate. Only 40 percent of those who supported Clinton said it was because they actually liked her, while only 33 percent of Trump supporters said the same. Eighty-four percent of those who said they supported a third-party candidate admitted it was primarily because they disliked both Clinton and Trump, not because they actually liked the third-party candidate.

“Currently, six out of ten Americans plan to vote for a candidate they don’t care for primarily because they are so disgusted by the other option,” said George Barna, special election analyst and founder of the Barna Group. “This election represents an ideal opportunity for a third-party candidate to burst onto the scene, but the data show that few voters like the third-party candidates any better.”

The Barna Group also asked whether Clinton or Trump better demonstrated eight specific qualities. Clinton beat Trump in six categories, and the candidates tied (within the margin of error) in two categories. Although not a majority, a much greater number of born-again Christians said Clinton was more “presidential,” “respected by other leaders,” “able to work with people who have different views,” and a more “effective communicator” than Trump. By a narrower margin they said Clinton was more “authentically Christian” and more of a “strategic thinker.” Respondents were statistically tied on which candidate was more “trustworthy” and more “patriotic.”

“Enormous numbers of voters simply are not convinced that either of the major-party candidates is presidential, trustworthy, respectable, or ethical,” Barna commented. “Those characteristics are very important to the American people.”

The survey was based on responses collected online September 12-19. The results were published on October 13. The Barna Group defined born-again Christians as having “made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in their life today and believe that, when they die, they will go to heaven because they have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.”

Source: 70% of Born-Again Believers Unsure Whether Trump or Clinton More “Authentically Christian”


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