Peter Wagner: Christianity’s most dangerous and influential heretic – dead

When you look at the mess and instability within contemporary evangelicalism, when you see self-appointed Apostles spiritually abusing men and women in churches around the world today, you can attribute the source all this spiritual corruption to one man:


A heretic who thought he was an apostle.
A tare who thought he was sowing wheat.
A bramble who though he was producing fruit.
A goat who thought he was building the church.
A blasphemer who though he was going to heaven.
A wondering star who thought he was offering direction.
A salt water spring who thought he was offering fresh water.
A lost soul who thought they were leading the church
through the gates of the Kingdom of God…

Lest we forget Wagner –
so that none ever forget the dangers of heretics in Christ’s church,

may his gravestone be a millstone.

If C. Peter Wagner can be credited…

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