Towers of Disappointment

The tower of Babel stands as one of humanity’s most spectacular displays of pride. Yet, on the surface, what happened at Babel doesn’t look like anything horrifically evil. We may think that God overreacted a bit. These people are just building a tower, after all. What’s the big deal?

But the story of Babel shows us a glimpse into the very heart of what makes sin … sin. If you’ve ever wondered why shameful desires have such power over you, or why you just can’t shake certain habits, Babel reveals the reason why.

Babel also shows us why the good parts of life never seem quite good enough. Have you ever wondered why happiness has always seemed just out of reach, why every blessing in your life seems colored with disappointment, why all the things that promise to make life perfect only make life more complicated? Look no further than Babel.

Source: Towers of Disappointment

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