December 1, 2016 Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies

Good news — Clayton Jennings has lost his ministry endorsement from his home church.
Tim Tebow and Clayton Jennings—I think I’m going to be ill!  Totally putrid video.  Both announcers have poor discernment.
The word eros is not in the Bible” — Something women need to remember.
Perry Noble: the man who never, ever should have been in a pastoral position — or any other leadership position for that matter!
The beginning of the demise of Calvary Chapel.  And more slipping down the slope.
Part two of the investigation into the Salvation Army.
Another false teacher, “pastor” Colby Martin, tries to demonstrate that God really is okay with homosexuality.  Why is it that these false believers seek support for homosexual behavior but not for adultery or prostitution or bestiality, etc?  Why is it that their favorite, untouchable sexual perversion is homosexuality?!?  I’d say this was the “things taught by demons” — Satan really found the niche, didn’t he?
The Covenants: The Continental Divide of Biblical Interpretation.  Excellent article with information needed for dealing with Seventh-day Adventists and others locked into legalistic adherence to the Old Testament covenants.  (Lengthy, but worth it — I get the magazine in the mail so I could read it while sitting on my sofa!)
What exactly is “Lectio  Divina?”
Hillsong’s marketing techniques are shared for all.  Somewhere along the line they forgot what the assembled Church is for.
No, Jesus was NOT married to Mary Magdalene.
Some good information about the business cult of Scientology (it is not a religion, contrary to their claims so as to be a tax shelter).
Some real concerns with Jan Markell.
Adventures in Missions’ World RaceParents’ Guide” seems to be a harbinger of cultism.
Are you being led by a “Judas Goat”?
If you want to teach the real gospel to a Catholic, then the Pope says you are guilty of “a grave sin.”  Well, I’d rather reach a Catholic with the truth so they can be eternally saved than to worry about “sinning” against the Pope!

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