Did We Really Expect BHO To Leave Quietly? Leftists Plotting Riots To Cripple U.S.

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


When Obama appears to the American people since Trump’s victory, he seems so cool and calm and accepting of the outcome of the election.  He does not fool me. I have told my husband numerous times that this man is always calculating his next move. And so he is.

Those being blamed for the upcoming protests and riots are George Soros and Michael Moore.  I would say that Obama is steering this opposition to Trump, but his role is being covered and silenced by his mainstream media. After all, they work for him.  Soros is funding the protests, as usual.

The plans for disruption of our big cities is not just for Inauguration day. They are also planning these “riots” for December 19th – the day that the electors cast they votes.

From wnd.com

Michael Moore, Soros, Vogue mag fueling mass anti-Trump protests

Mass protests are being planned to block…

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