The Sins of Barack Hussein Obama And The Attempted Destruction of America

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


The word “legacy” usually brings with it a positive connotation.  We could say “President Abraham Lincoln’s legacy was certainly bringing an end to slavery in America.”  For this reason, many consider Lincoln to be our greatest president.

In the case of our outgoing president, the term ‘legacy’ means something entirely different.  It is not positive – unless of course you are a Jihadist. Islamist historians will revere Obama’s memory as a champion of Sharia Law and a fellow enemy of Israel.

Of course, many of us realize that Obama is merely a puppet for the globalists. George Soros groomed BHO and the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America propped him up during his bid for State Senator in Illinois. They held dinners for him and helped him to launch his career.  We know that his friends helped him along the way – Bill Ayers, the unrepentant domestic terrorist played a huge…

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