Am I a Sinful Saint or a Saintly Sinner?

Unfathomable Grace

On the sixth when man was first created, he became a sinless saint.

He was perfectly made in God’s own image and likeness and was thoroughly holy in all his affections, thoughts, words, and deeds. Adam brought great glory to God, and with pride the Father looked at his first human creation and said, “He is very good.” Then, for some time to follow, God and man greatly enjoyed the presence of one another. God and man dwelt in perfect union in the Garden of Eden.

On the sad day when man rebelled, he became a sinful non-saint.

Adam and Ever were tempted and they switched teams. The seed of sin began inside; it grew and soon manifested itself in outward decisions and actions. Their failure to worship internally led to their failure to worship externally, and the results were catastrophic. As man switched allegiances and joined the family of Lucifer, together they considered God their enemy. God…

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