LIBERALS: If You Only Watch CNN and MSNBC – You Are Getting FAKE NEWS

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


Sometimes I just want to scream.  But it would scare the dogs and startle hubby, so I just ask the Lord to take this frustration away from me. And He does.

But then I look at the Facebook pages of members of my family and see things like:

“Trump is a Nazi”

“Trump will kill millions of Americans”

“Trump will use the nuclear code and cause WWIII”

“Trump is racist and hates hispanics”

“Trump is just a horrible person”

“Obama was so inspiring, but now we have a monster as president”

I’m probably going to get into trouble, but I couldn’t help myself. On the person’s page who said that Trump is a Nazi, I commented:

“Hmmmm……Trump’s son in law is an Orthodox Jew and his grandkids are being raised Jewish.”   And Trump has chosen his son in law to be Senior Adviser. Doesn’t sound like a Nazi.”


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