There are Leaders who Sacrifice, and then there are Leaders who Sacrifice

Unfathomable Grace

There have been many leaders willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone in the pursuit of their own self-interests.

In the Old Testament, Pharaoh was an example of one such leader. In the pursing of gain and glory, he harshly led Israel. He took away their freedom, their ability to profit, and their male prodigy. However, he harmed many more than his Hebrew slaves. In the end, despite warning after warning, he harmed his own household and nation as he recklessly pursued his own glory. In the end, Pharaoh spent his land, wealth, people, son, and army seeking to promote himself and his own interests. Pharaoh was the ultimate narcissistic political leader.

Ezekiel described the ministers of his day. God saw them as shepherds willing to sacrifice their sheep as they pursued their own pleasures. Weak sheep who should have been nurtured, and wandering sheep who should have been pursued and rescued, were left alone; they were not worthy…

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