Observation: Astronomical Growth of “People Control” Laws, Rules and Regulations

In recent years, there has been a rapid proliferation of thousands of new laws, rules, and regulations in America – 99.9% of which you have never heard or been informed of. They are about “people control,” and, in all likelihood, you are in violation of at least a dozen or more right now and don’t even know it. In short, while trying your best to live a simple, law-abiding life as a good citizen – as you always have – you are now most probably a criminal felon facing at some point either heavy fines or possibly even imprisonment. How does it feel to know that you are now (or will soon be) a criminal? Welcome to life in the rapidly emerging American socialist gulag.

Recently, privacy expert Mark Nestmann wrote the following about this trend and what some people are doing to try and protect themselves: Do you own a dog? You could face six months in federal prison if you walk it on federal lands on a leash longer than six feet in length. Do you have a bank account? If you deposit or withdraw more than $10,000 in cash over multiple transactions, you could be imprisoned for up to five years. You could also lose every penny in the account, under the theory it “facilitated” your crime as a “money launderer.” Do you have foreign investments? If you neglect to tell Uncle Sam about them, you could face draconian penalties. Forget to file just one form? You could face a $10,000 penalty per account per year.

There’s no requirement that you know any of these crimes exist for you to be found guilty of violating them. After all, “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Given that fact, you might think that Uncle Sam would make it easy to understand exactly what’s legal and what’s not. Think again. In 1790, the first set of federal criminal laws contained a grand total of 20 crimes. Since then, the number of federal crimes listed has grown like a cancer. No one knows how many federal crimes exist, although a 1998 study from the American Bar Association concluded the total was likely “much higher” than 3,000. Today, it would have to exceed 4,000-5,000.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a little-known and poorly understood process that federal agencies undertake to literally make law. In some cases, if you violate an “administrative law” a federal agency creates out of thin air, you can be imprisoned. Indeed, the number of federal regulations carrying criminal penalties may be as high as 300,000. Ponder that number!

(Excerpt from McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, September 2016)

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