Resource: How to Recognize Lies.

This article is designed to educate people on identifying lies.

To make it easy for readers to remember the many types of lies, we have renamed some of them. We encourage readers to see the good resources at the bottom of the page if you want to look into this complex topic further.

Although this article is in the Fallacy Index, technically, a fallacy is not a lie. A fallacy can be presented by accident or out of ignorance. However, ChurchWatch has seen skilled liars argue fallaciously – which is why we constructed this article.

Rather than ‘reinvent the wheel’, we’ve found more simple ways to cover this complex topic. As a result, we’ve compiled this article to simplify the various types of lies into easy categories to remember.

We examine the three features of a lie, the three categories of lies, the three types of lies and many other common forms of lies people…

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