Hillsong United promote New Age Jesus of ‘The Shack’.

The difference between Christianity and Hillsong is that Christianity believes in the Word of God alone.

Hillsong does not.

In fact, since Hillsong’s inception, they have continually demonstrated that they are willing to defend anything else but the bible. If any Christian upholds the teachings of Jesus (which is what being a disciple of Jesus does), Hillsong members treat the more discerning Christian with hostility, accusing them of being haters or being too judgmental.

We see this whenever Hillsong go out of their way to promote movies that do not reflect the Christian faith. We saw this with Hillsong endorsing the incredibly pagan film ‘Noah,’ attacking any Christian who had a problem with this as being “religious.” They did something similar when Brian Houston and Hillsong endorsed the New Age film ‘Heaven is For Real’. As critics rightly pointed out with that particular film, people were being led by the irrational theology…

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