Legalism and Assurance

Romans 8:38-39; Galatians 3:3

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Do you ever feel like your standing with God fluctuates on a daily basis? Could God be growing weary of your continual struggles with sin? Has the relationship grown sour? Such doubts plague the conscience of many true believers.

What lies at the root of that kind of inner turmoil? And is there any assurance we can offer people in the midst of that struggle? We put those questions to John MacArthur recently. Here’s what he said:

Watch this two-minute video clip:


As John pointed out, Scripture contains great and glorious promises for the believer who struggles with sin in this life. And quite simply, we need to take God at His word and believe those promises because they hinge not on what we do, but on what God has already done.

And as we’ll see next time, when legalism does hold sway in our consciences it is usually the result of unbelief. Specifically, it’s a failure to believe God’s promises concerning His power to sanctify and keep those who He saves.

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