Announcement: Apostle Kong Hee & 5 CHC leaders back in court on April 7.

The Straits Times has officially reported that Apostle Kong Hee is back in court on April 7:

City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee and 5 CHC leaders back in court on April 7

For your convenience, this article will provide as a resource. We will:

  1. Identify the six accused.
  2. Recap the allegations made in court against Kong Hee and the other five.
  3. Recap on the verdict of each individual.
  4. Supply links how Kong Hee demonized and maligned his own government.
  5. Provide resources how Kong Hee and/or Phil Pringle have used international conferences to malign Singaporean authorities and manipulate people to give money to support Kong Hee’s case (and learn how involved Pringle was in Kong Hee’s ministry, by influencing him in making important decisions regarding the purchase of SunTec, prophesying over Sun’s music career and allowing Kong Hee to copy the C3 building fund model).
  6. Exhibit videos of Kong Hee exploiting…

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