Grace that is Greater than All our Sin

Unfathomable Grace

As believers,wehave all the forgivenesswe will ever need. Christ’s gracious and sacrificialwork on the cross is one and done. He paid for all the sins of all the elect for all of their lives.There remains nomore sin for which to pay. No more blood is needed from Christ. No penance or probation or partnership is needed from us. Upon Calvary’s cross he cried,”It is finished,” and he did not over-estimate the scope of his success.

As believers, we have all thepositional righteousness we will ever need.Jesus was a perfect saint. He obeyed all the Law; perfectly he did so, both inwardly and externally. Christcommitted not one sin of commission or omission; he was the flawless worshiper. Consequently, he became our gracious substitute, surrogate, or proxy. His obedience was credited to our account. His robe of righteousness was permanently draped about our shoulders. Therefore, because of Jesus Christ and only because…

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