The Left’s Ultimate Plan For the World Finally Revealed

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I love

As a strong Conservative, I know that I can go to this news source to get Truth.  They cut to the chase, call progressivism what it really is: Communism – and make no apologies for standing firm on their Conservative convictions.  They know what’s coming.  We all know what’s coming; but frontpagemag is using this window of time to expose the Left Wing loonies and to tell TRUTH.

We thought that perhaps the “window of time” would be extended for freedom of speech for Conservatives after Trump was elected. We see just the opposite happening.  Our First Amendment right of freedom of speech is on shakier ground than ever before in our history.  The Left follow Satan. Satan is angry, so therefore his followers are throwing caution to the wind, and have declared an all out war on Conservatism.

Recently, a so-called blogger posted a piece on…

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